The Minerva Model

Together with landowners and investors, Minerva Smart Cities creates genuinely affordable places for people to live and work for the long term.

Minerva has developed an innovative approach to the delivery of 100% genuinely affordable homes to rent.

Our model significantly enhances the way housing and workspace is currently being delivered by taking a much longer-term view.

Our expectation is that people will want to make their homes in Minerva developments for the very long term - because of the sustained affordability and high-quality of our housing.

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Key Benefits of the Model

Landowners - Receive a better deal than typically offered in the commercial market place – without having to sell their freehold interest.

Local Authorities - Receive delivery of 100% genuinely affordable homes and workspace – of quality.

The Community - Benefits from an enhanced and attractive local environment.

Investors - Receive a stable, secure long-term market-level investment return.