Delivery of Minerva Developments

Minerva Smart Cities comprises an innovative consultancy team with extensive experience and complementary skills ranging through development, legal, not-for-profit governance and finance.

So, the team:

  • manages the process from start to finish, ensuring the vision becomes a reality;
  • promotes a transparent structure which secures the financing and delivery of the affordable private rented homes and work space;
  • establishes and promotes the appropriate governance and management structure which fosters long term financial security and affordability; and
  • manages the design, delivery as well as establishing and monitoring the ongoing management of the developments.

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Smart Team

As well as the core Minerva team, through our extensive contacts within the industry we have the support and backing of a number of high profile professional consultants.

Smart Structure

Each Minerva development is delivered through a separate corporate entity with an innovative, flexible structure and unique governance arrangements.

Smart Design and Construction

Minerva focuses on the long term viability of the development which is key to its success. We design for the community's benefit to promote long term occupation and integrate commercial spaces, retail shops, cafes and SME offices to create a sense of place.